mr ron the jedi

oh well hello there ^_^ im cameron :D im 19
i love to make music (play's drum's, bass and vox) love to take photo's and edit them...what else....oh yeah i just love odd thing' welcome to my page enjoy and please follow :D
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Aw love this thank you MarcusT Photography for these shots taken at Torture Garden Official Fan Club of me and my babe Miss Miranda wearing Lady Lucie Latex <3 They´re supercute and I´m such a dork and we´re all sweaty and tired and drunk after our performance but YEEEY haha :)

hope everyone is having a great day/night! I´m up all night at work so if anyone has any fun questions for me to entertain myself and yourselves with, please go ahead and ask me ANYthing! mwah! <3

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Dumb cat. (My friends and I shot this a couple months ago)

Do you want to see a kitten pop a water balloon in slow motion?

Of course you do.

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